RAF Fiskerton Airfield
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During the Second World War, RAF Lancasters flew from this Airfield on Main Force Operations. With Their crew of seven, One Hundred and Seventeen of these Lancasters would never return.

Night after night in the cold black hostile skies above enemy occupied Europe, a deadly war was waged between enemy forces on the ground, roving enemy night fighter aircraft and our allied bomber crews. Using complex state of the art electronic counter measures and human vigilance, remaining undetected was vital. Detection was almost always fatal and often, the first the bomber crews would know of their detection was the sudden burst of gunfire which would rip their bomber apart.
Equally deadly, were the searchlights on the ground. These could trap an aircraft in their beams, illuminating them for the flak guns or the night-fighters.

During the bombing campaign of the Second World War, the duties that the crews of Bomber Command were expected to undertake was considered so dangerous, even by wartime standards that the bomber crews were made up entirely of volunteers. Each man was obliged to complete a thirty Operation mission tour of operations. The life expectancy of a crew was just five operations.

Given that aircrew training took two years to complete and given that the crews were operating the most sophisticated and reliable tool of war devised to date, namely the Lancaster bomber, highlights just how hazardous and difficult bombing operations were. The eventual loss calculations, which consisted of operational and training losses, serious physical and mental injury was finally calculated at 75% of every 100 who flew with Bomber Command in the war years 1939 to 1945.
This airfield was the wartime home of:

49 Squadron RAF
150 Squadron RAF
576 Squadron RAF
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