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This website was created in order to record the events and the exploits of those who were at Fiskerton during the war years. It also serves as a tribute to those persons and is a source of reference for anyone who has an interest in the airfield.
Joint webmasters are: Martin Nichols and David Briggs.
Martin Nichols has had a life-long interest in the wartime exploits of Bomber Command. Born in Bomber County, he spent many hours visiting and researching the old airfields which litter Lincolnshire-having a particular interest in Fiskerton.
David's interest is a result of his Uncle's wartime service at Fiskerton where he flew many operations as a Radio Operator with 576 Squadron.

David has spent many hours collecting the airfield records relating to the airfield and the squadrons which were there during the war. He is an excellent source of interest for anyone researching a relative who served at this airfield.
The images of Fiskerton were taken by Martin Nichols in 1968 and 2006.
The wartime images were copied, with permission, from the MOD Bomber Command website and
The aircrew images were kindly donated by former aircrew or descendants of former aircrew and ground crew. The image of East Kirkby's Just Jane was taken by Martin Nichols and published with the full permission of The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby.
My grateful thanks and appreciation is extended to all those persons who have contributed to this website, either by granting permission to access the airfield or by supplying me with information and photographs to put on the site. These contributions have enabled the website to expand.
Anyone wishing to contribute information and photographs relating to Fiskerton to this website please contact the Webmasters. Credit to the sender will be given if desired.
Many Thanks to John Ward of the 49 Squadron Association for supplying many outstanding and rare wartime images of the airfield and to Domonic Howard also of 49 Squadron Association for his invaluable assistance in the building of this website.
We would also like to thank David Fell of the 103/576 Squadron Association for his Kind permission in allowing the Webmasters to use certain files from the Association's Website.
Access too many areas on and around the airfield is restricted. Permission to visit these private areas was given by the Land and Property owners for research purposes only. My grateful thanks go to these owners for granting me the necessary permissions to access the areas and take photographs. Without this, this site could not have been created.

Please also note
for copyright purposes, the images on this website were either taken by ourselves, purchased by ourselves or are displayed with the full permission of the originator. Confirmation is available on request. The images taken by ourselves were taken with the knowledge and permission of the landowners. The text is our own creation using facts learned from other sources and re-worded by ourselves.
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