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Location of Airfield

Fiskerton airfield is located 4.5 miles east of Lincoln and is situated approximately half-way between the villages of Reepham and Fiskerton. Map ref: Ordnance Survey Sheet 121, ref 050 730. These coordinates are to the approximate centre of the Airfield.
To find the airfield, follow the road towards Fiskerton from Reepham, continue down this road for about a mile until you reach the airfield monument on the left by the roadside. The main site is either side of the road at this point.
For the dispersed sites, continue into Fiskerton, go straight on towards Bardney and a small public access road is on the left on the very outskirts of the village.

Built to a standard class 'A' design, 'A' being the pattern of three dissecting runways the main airfield is designated Site 1.
The runways at Fiskerton were numbered as follows: main 08-26 and subsidiaries 05-23 and 13-31. These figures represent the first two figures of the magnetic compass heading in degrees needed to fly in order to land the runway chosen. EG: to land on the main runway 05-23 you would need to fly on a heading of either 050 degrees or 230 degrees, (050 + 180 = 230 opposite.)
These runways were connected by the perimeter track which was used to taxi the aircraft around the airfield and thirty-five dispersal points or hard standings were spaced around the peri-track and used for parking aircraft. Unless it was major work requiring a hangar, work on the aircraft was performed at the dispersals.
From these dispersals, crews would start their Lancasters and taxi out for take-off. Site 1 also included the Technical site which was located on the south-eastern edge of the peri-track and the control tower complex which was opposite. Three hangars were used for repairs, two between the south-eastern pert-track and the Technical site and the third on the opposite side of the airfield on the north peri-track.
The main entrance for site 1 was from a small access road which is located at the eastern end of Fiskerton village on the Bardney road. The operations block was situated opposite the main gate.
This road was also used for access to these dispersed sites: sites 4 communal, sites 5 to 8 quarters and site 9 sick quarters. The WAAF's quarters was located in Fiskerton village opposite the church and sites 10 and 11(Aircrew ) quarters were located outside the village on the Bardney road. The two remaining sites were: site 13 sewage. Located between the Bardney road and the River Witham and site 2 Bomb Stores was located north of site 1.
Accommodation was for a maximum of 2,300 persons.
The outline of most of site 1(main airfield) can be identified on Ordnance Survey sheet 121. The dispersed sites to the west of site1 appear on the map as small coppices and an excellent Arial view of all the sites is possible using Google maps
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