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Any Family members of Ladies who served at RAF Fiskerton in the Royal Women’s Auxiliary Air Force are invited to contact the webmasters with any information they have on their relations RAF service.
This Fiskerton WAAF nicknamed Bee was at the station in 1944 to 1945. Can any viewer assist in identifying this Lady? (Copyright Dr Keith Gould)
Can any viewer put a name to these Fiskerton WAAF's. (Copyright 49 Squadron)
Fiskerton Intelligence section 1945
RAF Fiskerton Station Headquarters Staff May 1945
This picture shows 49 Squadron WAAF Dorothy (Dot) Everett driving a John Brown tractor manoeuvring a Lancaster on its dispersal at the eastern end of the airfield. The perimeter track leading up to the eastern end of the main runway can be seen on the right were the RAF truck is. The technical site is behind the Lancasters port tail plane. (Copyright Imperial War Museum)